Catching Snakes With Traps

Scared of seeing a snake near your locality or inside your house, garden, basement or somewhere nearby? The only possible way of getting rid of these snakes is to catch them and release them at some distant area safely far from your community. This is the best strategy to be followed in any case. Snakes can be caught by using different means of traps.

Glue Trap
The glue trap can only be used if you want the snake to release in some other area. It is an inexpensive and the easiest way of trapping the snake. It is easy to use. The only thing to be done with the glue trap is to put it on the floor as they already have food installed in them.


  • The snake crawls to eat food; it gets stuck to the lining of the glue in the trap box.
  • The snake is only released from the box, if some vegetable oil is poured onto it.

Minnow Traps
These traps are inexpensive. This is used when you have to cater to multiple snakes at a time. This trap has wires around it which looks like a net.

  • Put the food inside the trap.
  • The snake crawls to eat the food and gets into the wired net with a hole at both ends.
  • Once into the net, it gets caught in and have no way of coming out from the trap.
Apart from all these traps, snakes can be caught by wearing gloves but ensure they are dealt in a caring way. Before using a specific trap, it is always recommended to know about the snake specie. After getting all the information, decide about the trap to use for a particular snake. If all this does not help, contacting the Pest Control Agency will be of great help.

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